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Advantech impulsando la innovación de IoT industrial

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Haga fluir sus datos con las soluciones para infraestructura de red.


Convierta su empresa en una industria 4.0 a través de una infraestructura de datos IIoT


Construya las mejores interfaces visuales con soluciones modernas.


Proteja sus equipos y sus datos de dañinas energías o picos de tensión.


Las fuentes de alimentación serie PSD de Advantech están diseñadas para las más exigentes aplicaciones.

Integrated Soft Computing to Enable Intelligent Machines

Machine Automation

 Advantech offers unique SoftMotion kernel EtherCAT-based solutions for
distributed, deterministic motion control with multiple I/O capabilities. Our
innovative GigE Vision offload engine uses field programmable gate arrays
(FPGA), digital signal processing (DSP) units, and Arm processors as the
core of our computing platforms. We also provides versatile application ready
platforms and software tools for motion control and machine vision, enabling
customers to continuously advance their technologies

Power Conversion Solutions for
Maximum Energy Transition

Utility and Energy Solutions

To ensure the safety and reliability of energy management and monitoring
systems for distributed energy stations, renewable energy sources, grid
infrastructures, and manufacturing, Advantech offers the ruggedized, IEC-
61850-3 compliant ECU series that include automation controllers, gateways,
and data acquisition modules.

Total Solutions for Modern Infrastructures

Intelligent Transportation Systems

Advantech is dedicated to developing systems that fulfill our vision of building
intelligent cities worldwide. With over a decade of successful experience,
we have considerable expertise designing and developing products in the
urban transportation sector. Advantech offers a full product range for rail
and roadway applications, such as railway automatic fare collection, wayside
control, rolling stock, urban traffic management, highway management, and
transportation hub management.

 Industrial AI Platform from the
Edge to the Cloud

AI Technology and Server Solutions

Implementing AI technology is important for advancing the scope of Industrial
IoT. AI technologies are highly tailored to individual tasks and each application
requires specialized research and unique construction. Advantech has
developed a complete AI platform, from the edge to the cloud, inference to
training. Our mission is to provide extraordinary AI technology under different
applications in industrial scenarios

Diverse Form Factors to Satisfy All DAQ

Data Acquisition and Control

Advantech offers a wide range of industrial data acquisition and control devices with various interfaces and functions. Based on PC technology, from addon cards and portable modules to signal conditioning and graphical software tools, Advantech’s industrial I/O products are reliable, accurate, affordable, and suitable for a range of industrial automation applications such as measurement, laboratory operations, machine automation, and production testing.

Booster for Equipment Manufacturers, Rental
Services, and End Users

Edge DAQ Devices

Advantech’s edge data acquisition solutions with WISE-PaaS/EdgeLink, NodeRED and Python are designed to simplify remote monitoring. These solutions improve service quality by facilitating product care, enable equipment monitoring, and allow for efficient energy consumption analysis. This allows manufacturers, rental services, and end users to obtain insights on usage behaviors by deriving intelligence through big data analysis

 Industrial Wireless I/O and Sensor Modules for
Big Data Acquisition and Cloud Integration

Wireless IoT Sensing Devices

With developments in wireless and cloud technologies, more and more remote
monitoring applications have adopted cloud services for wide area management systems. To shorten the gap between the field site data and the cloud, Advantech provides wireless I/O and sensor modules that can get and pass data directly to the cloud by utilizing wireless communication technology, such as Wi-Fi, 4G, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT/LTE-M, and proprietary LPWAN (Sub-G) through IoT protocols MQTT, CoAP and LwM2M

 Transformation for IIoT’s Wider & Larger

Remote I/O Modules

Advantech’s ADAM remote I/O modules have been used by industry for over 25 years. New product offerings and latest technology updates continue to fulfill an increasingly diverse range of applications. With RFID and USB technology, users have additional options for configuration and inspection, even when unpowered.
Additionally, for larger network infrastructures, ADAM Ethernet-based remote I/O modules use SNMP and MQTT to enhance communication efficiency

Seamless Data Connectivity from the Network
Edge to the Core

Industrial Communication

Advantech leverages over 35 years of industry experience to develop reliable
wired and wireless communication solutions for mission critical applications.
These products include industrial Ethernet switches, industrial Fieldbus
gateways, Modbus gateways, cellular IP gateways, cellular routers, wireless
access points/clients, media converters, and serial device servers, all of which
contribute to securely transmitting data, monitoring and controlling networked

 Infrastructure for the IoT

Intelligent Systems and Platforms

With a diverse range of innovative technologies including cloud computing
(industrial and video servers), edge computing (fan-less, slim, portable
devices), and high performance embedded systems, Advantech’s intelligent
systems are equipped with smart, secure, energy-saving features. Our
intelligent systems are designed specifically for vertical markets in intelligent
transportation, factory automation/machine automation, cloud infrastructure,
and intelligent video application sectors

Seamless Connection and Transmission for
Edge IoT Applications

Embedded Automation Computers

To meet the needs of Industry 4.0, UNO series embedded automation box
PCs are ideal for edge computing, bridging the gap between IT and OT.
The UNO series serve as flexible IoT gateways coming in different sizes and
versatile mountings. Plus, they also support Advantech iDoor Technology
that gives them the flexibility to configure various I/O requirements, includes
wireless communication, industrial I/O and peripherals, and industrial fieldbus,
based on different applications.

Leading HMI Innovations for Smart Factories

Intelligent HMI and Industrial Monitor

Advantech offers a diverse range of general as well as domain-focused HMI
products equipped with iDoor technology, including high performance control
panels, industrial thin clients, web browser terminals, and industrial monitors.
In response to Industry 4.0, Advantech has developed a new generation of
modular solutions for a diverse range of configurations to meet specific usage
requirements, offering customers a quick time to market and high level of

Supports On-Site Management, Manufacturing
and Inspections

Industrial Mobile Solutions

The AIM-65/68 tablets are designed for mobile workers in onsite factory
inspections. Application oriented peripherals are built for rough handling in
extreme environments, which have been drop-tested at 4ft, and IP65 certified.
With extension modules: barcode scanner, RJ45+COM and UHF Reader, they can satisfy customized requirements and be easily removed from the docking station with just one-hand. In addition, a hand strap/shoulder strap enable hands-free carrying options.